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Volume 12, Issue 2

March 2009

Refereed articles

How Groups Can Foster Consensus: The Case of Local Cultures
   Patrick Groeber, Frank Schweitzer and Kerstin Press

Agent-Based Simulation on Women's Role in a Family Line on Civil Service Examination in Chinese History
   Chao Yang, Setsuya Kurahashi, Keiko Kurahashi, Isao Ono and Takao Terano

Social Circles: A Simple Structure for Agent-Based Social Network Models
   Lynne Hamill and Nigel Gilbert

Design Guidelines for Agent Based Model Visualization
   Daniel Kornhauser, Uri Wilensky and William Rand


Tools of the Trade: A Survey of Various Agent Based Modeling Platforms
   Cynthia Nikolai and Gregory Madey


Reason and Rationality
Elster, Jon
Reviewed by Marco Castellani

Artificial Psychology: The Quest for What It Means to Be Human
Friedenberg, Jay
Reviewed by Gennaro Di Tosto

Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain
Glimcher Paul W., Camerer Colin, Poldrack Russell, Fehr Ernst (Eds.)
Reviewed by Cristiano Castelfranchi

Social and Economic Networks
Jackson, Matthew O.
Reviewed by Károly Takács

Computational Macroeconomics for the Open Economy
Lim, G. C. and McNelis, Paul D.
Reviewed by Domenico Delli Gatti

Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World (Bradford Books)
Pentland,(Sandy) Alex
Reviewed by Julie Dugdale

Computable Models of the Law (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
Casanovas Pompeu, Sartor Giovanni, Casellas Núria, Rubino Rossella (Eds.)
Reviewed by Francesca Giardini

Agent-Based Modeling: the Santa Fe Institute Artificial Stock Market Model Revisited (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
Ehrentreich, Norman
Reviewed by Blake LeBaron

Agent-Based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems: V. 5 (Springer Series on Agent Based Social Systems)
Terano Takao, Kita Hajime, Takahashi Shingo, Deguchi Hiroshi (Eds.)
Reviewed by Cesáreo Hernández-Iglesias

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