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Volume 11, Issue 2

March 2008

Refereed articles

Is Religion an Evolutionary Adaptation?
   James Dow

REsCape: an Agent-Based Framework for Modeling Resources, Ethnicity, and Conflict
   Ravi Bhavnani, Dan Miodownik and Jonas Nart

Progress in Model-To-Model Analysis
   Juliette Rouchier, Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, J. Gary Polhill and Keiki Takadama

Reinforcement Learning Dynamics in Social Dilemmas
   Segismundo S. Izquierdo, Luis R. Izquierdo and Nicholas M. Gotts

Opinion Dynamics: the Effect of the Number of Peers Met at Once
   Diemo Urbig, Jan Lorenz and Heiko Herzberg

Using the ODD Protocol for Describing Three Agent-Based Social Simulation Models of Land-Use Change
   J. Gary Polhill, Dawn Parker, Daniel Brown and Volker Grimm

Horizontal and Vertical Multiple Implementations in a Model of Industrial Districts
   Ugo Merlone, Michele Sonnessa and Pietro Terna

Differential Equation Models Derived from an Individual-Based Model Can Help to Understand Emergent Effects
   Sylvie Huet and Guillaume Deffuant

Micro- and Macro-Level Validation in Agent-Based Simulation: Reproduction of Human-Like Behaviors and Thinking in a Sequential Bargaining Game
   Keiki Takadama, Tetsuro Kawai and Yuhsuke Koyama

A Model-To-Model Analysis of Bertrand Competition
   Xavier Vilà


Towards a Community Framework for Agent-Based Modelling
   Marco A. Janssen, Lilian Na'ia Alessa, Michael Barton, Sean Bergin and Allen Lee


Social Simulation: Technologies, Advances and New Discoveries (Premier Reference)
Edmonds, Bruce, Hernandez, Cesareo and Troitzsch, Klaus G.
Reviewed by Scott E. Page

Agent-Based Models
Gilbert, Nigel
Reviewed by Gianluca Manzo

Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in the Social and Human Sciences
Phan, Denis, and Amblard, Frédéric (Eds.)
Reviewed by Magda Fontana

Simulation Modeling and Analysis with ARENA
Altiok, T. and Melamed, Benjamin
Reviewed by Alessandro Raimondi

Ross, Sheldon M.
Reviewed by Alessandro Raimondi

Simulation of Dynamic Systems with Matlab and Simulink
Harold, Klee
Reviewed by Alessandro Raimondi

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