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Volume 10, Issue 3

June 2007

Refereed articles

Simulating Gender Stratification
   James F. Robison-Cox, Richard F. Martell and Cynthia G. Emrich

Information Feedback and Mass Media Effects in Cultural Dynamics
   Juan Carlos González-Avella, Mario G. Cosenza, Konstantin Klemm, Víctor M. Eguíluz and Maxi San Miguel

Research on Multi-Agent Simulation of Epidemic News Spread Characteristics
   Xiaoguang Gong and Renbin Xiao

Dynamics of Network Formation Processes in the Co-Author Model
   Laurent Tambayong

Evolutionary Tournament-Based Comparison of Learning and Non-Learning Algorithms for Iterated Games
   Stéphane Airiau, Sabyasachi Saha and Sandip Sen

Finite Neighborhood Binary Games: a Structural Study
   Jijun Zhao, Ferenc Szidarovszky and Miklos N. Szilagyi

The Evolution of Altruism in Spatially Structured Populations
   András Németh and Károly Takács

How Realistic Should Knowledge Diffusion Models Be?
   Jean-Philippe Cointet and Camille Roth

Characterising Land Holding Size Distributions in a Forest Reserve
   Oswaldo Terán, Johanna Alvarez, Magdiel Ablan and Manuel Jaimes


Open Access for Social Simulation
   J. Gary Polhill and Bruce Edmonds


Applied Evolutionary Economics and the Knowledge-Based Economy
Pyka, Andreas and Hanusch, Horst
Reviewed by Koen Frenken

Innovation, Evolution and Complexity Theory
Frenken, Koen
Reviewed by Piergiuseppe Morone

Science and Policy in Natural Resource Management: Understanding System Complexity
Allison, Helen and Hobbs, Richard
Reviewed by Nicholas M. Gotts

I Am a Strange Loop
Hofstadter, Douglas R.
Reviewed by Jim Doran

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