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Volume 10, Issue 2

March 2007

Refereed articles

Empirical Validation of Agent-Based Models: Alternatives and Prospects
   Paul Windrum, Giorgio Fagiolo and Alessio Moneta

Social Simulation of Stock Markets: Taking It to the Next Level
   A. O. I. Hoffmann, W. Jager and J. H. Von Eije

Higher-Order Simulations: Strategic Investment Under Model-Induced Price Patterns
   Gilbert Peffer and Bàrbara Llacay

Peer-Allocated Instant Response (PAIR): Computational Allocation of Peer Tutors in Learning Communities
   Wim Westera

A Semantic Grid Service for Experimentation with an Agent-Based Model of Land-Use Change
   J. Gary Polhill, Edoardo Pignotti, Nicholas M. Gotts, Pete Edwards and Alun Preece

An Extended Reinforcement Algorithm for Estimation of Human Behaviour in Experimental Congestion Games
   Thorsten Chmura and Thomas Pitz

CARDS: Case-Based Reasoning Decision Support Mechanism for Multi-Agent Negotiation in Mobile Commerce
   Kun Chang Lee and Namho Lee


Dynamic Agent Compression
   Stephen Wendel and Catherine Dibble


Agent-Based Computational Modelling: Applications in Demography, Social, Economic and Environmental Sciences (Contributions to Economics)
Billari, Francesco G., Fent, Thomas, Prskawetz, Alexia and Scheffran, Jurgen (eds.)
Reviewed by Petra Ahrweiler

The Economy as an Evolving Complex System: V. 3
Blume, Lawrence E. and Durlauf, Steven N.
Reviewed by Hardy Hanappi

Computational Economics
Kendrick, David A., Mercado, P. Ruben and Amman, Hans M.
Reviewed by Pietro Terna

Computational and Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences
Marchi, Scott de
Reviewed by Flaminio Squazzoni

Modeling and Simulation: the Computer Science of Illusion
Raczynski, Stanislaw
Reviewed by Alex Schmid

Introduction to Computational Science: Modeling and Simulation for the Sciences
Shiflet, Angela B. and Shiflet, George W.
Reviewed by Ugo Merlone

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