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Kathleen Carley is Professor of Organizations and Sociology, Carnegie Mellon University. Her research is in the areas of social and organizational networks, organizational design, social and organizational change and performance, computational organization theory, evolution of social networks, communication and technology, social theory, communication and diffusion, and computer assisted textual analysis. Current projects include: the impact of member's skills, organizational design and strategies, on the organization's performance and ability to respond to a changing environment; the interplay of social networks, cognition, and technology in affecting information diffusion and group formation; mental model analysis of texts using network based techniques, impact of telecommunication technologies on social networks and the communication and diffusion of information, and the development of statistical and computational techniques for the analysis of social networks and their evolution over time. She is the co-editor of Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, and has edited or authored three books in the area and numerous papers.

Carnegie Mellon University
Social and Decision Sciences Department
PH 208
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

fax: +1-412-268-6938

email carley+@andrew.cmu.edu
web site http://hss.cmu.edu/HTML/departments/sds/faculty/carley.html

Michael J. Prietula is Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida. Professor Prietula conducts research on simulating organizations, webbots and trust in organizations.

Fisher School of Accounting
University of Florida
267 Business Building
Gainesville FL 32611

email prietula@ufl.edu

Zhiang Lin, with a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, is an assistant professor of Organizations, Strategy and International Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to joining the management faculty at UTD, he worked as an assistant professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and as a consultant at the Management Science Associates, Inc. His main research interest lies in the area of computational organization theory and its applications to broader management issues, including organizational design and restructuring, international management, and strategic decision making.

School of Management
The University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson, TX 75083-0688

Tel: +1 (972) 883-2703
Fax: +1 (972) 883-2818

email zh1h@corfu.heinz.cmu.edu

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