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Cristiano Castelfranchi, senior research scientist at the Institute of Psychology of the Italian National Research Council, has been coordinator of the "Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Models and Interaction" Unit, and of the "Social Psychology" Unit. His interests cover multi-agent systems research, cognitive modeling and social psychology. Dr. Castelfranchi has been the promoter of the Social Behavior Simulation Project at IP-CNR, and one of the pioneers of Distributed AI in Italy and Europe. He teachs "Cognitive Psychology" and "Artificial Intelligence" at the University of Siena. He has published extensively in cognitive psychology, in artificial intelligence, and in social theory and simulation. His books include Che figura! (1988) (about social emotions), Artificial Social Systems (1994), and Cognitive and Social Action (1995). He has been an invited speaker at IJCAI-97 where he gave a lecture on social reasoning for AI agents, and at SimSoc'97 about modeling social functions.

National Research Council - Institute of Psychology
Unit of "AI, Cognitive Modelling & Interaction"
v. Marx 15
00137 Roma

Email: cris@pscs2.irmkant.rm.cnr.it

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