* Instructions to run the AgentSheets Application


Windows Macintosh OS X


  1. Download the code, archived in Applications.zip, from here to your PC.
  2. Unzip the file Application.zip. Now you have two folders ID_St and ID_tb. ID_St is related to Stable Cases, while ID_tb to turbulent cases.
  3. Paste the two folders into the Projects Folder of AgentSheets.
  4. Start AgentSheets
  5. From the menu File, select: Open Project.
  6. Search in the window AID or A_ID_2.
  7. Supposing you select ID_St, click on the Open button
  8. Now the gallery (containing all the agents of the model) of ID_St is opened.
  9. From the menu File, select: Open Worksheet
  10. You have five files of type *.ws . They correspond to the five experimental sets defined in the paper
  11. Select one of them, and click the Open button.
  12. Now you have an experimental set. Click on the Run button, to run the simulation.

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