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Yuya Sasaki is a masters student at Utah State University, USA. He is interested in a variety of applications and methods that concerns spatial logistics and social scientific analyses through bottom-up processes. Applications include transportation and spatial economics, and methods range from simple condition-action rules to reinforcement learning and evolutionary computations (GA, GenNet).

Department of Environment and Society / Department of Economics
Utah State University

e-mail: slk1r@cc.usu.edu

Paul Box received his doctorate in geography from the University of Florida in 1997, and is currently an assistant professor in the Aquatic, Watershed, and Earth Resources department at Utah State University. His research interests include the integration of agent-based simulation and GIS, and the interactions of decentralized populations with their landscape.

Department of Aquatic, Watershed and Earth Resources / Department of Environment and Society
Utah State University

e-mail: paulbox@cc.usu.edu

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