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Flaminio Squazzoni received a degree in History in 1998 at the University of Milan, Italy. He is a Lecturer in Economic Sociology at the University of Bergamo, Department of Economics, Italy. He is member of the scientific committee of NEHS (Network of Engineering and Human Sciences, http://www.dds.unibo.it/nehs). His fields of research are: agent-based computational models, complex systems theories, industrial districts, "figuration" sociology.

Department of Social Studies
Faculty of Economics
University of Brescia
San Faustino 74/b
25122 Brescia

email: squazzon@eco.unibs.it
home page:http://www.eco.unibs.it/segdss/dss/Squazzoni.htm

Riccardo Boero received a degree in Economics in 2000 at the University of Turin, Italy. He is a Ph.D. student in Economics (2000-2003, Department of Economics and Quantitative Methods, University of Pavia, Italy). He follows an inter-disciplinary approach and is doing a Ph.D. program in Sociology at University of Surrey. He is interested in theoretical issues and empirical applications of agent based models and experiments for the study of social sciences. He has also focused on the evolution of co-operation and co-ordination amongst agents and on the emergence and propagation of innovations.

Department of Sociology
University of Surrey
School of Human Sciences
Guildford, Surrey,
GU2 7XH,

email: R.Boero@surrey.ac.uk

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