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Bruce Edmonds is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Modelling at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Areas of particular interest include: methodology of social simulation, philosophy and measurement of complexity, context, evolutionary models, socially situated intelligence, and almost all aspects of modelling.

Centre for Policy Modelling
Manchester Metropolitan University
Aytoun Building, Aytoun Street,
Manchester, M1 3GH, UK.

email: b.edmonds@mmu.ac.uk
web: http://www.cpm.mmu.ac.uk/~bruce

Dr. Kerstin Dautenhahn is Principal Lecturer (Research) in the Department of Computer Science at University of Hertfordshire. She previously worked at the University of Bielefeld and GMD (Germany), VUB AI Lab (Belgium), and University of Reading. She has a background in biology and robotics. Her main research interests are Socially Intelligent Agents and Animal Minds; particular research topics include imitation, narrative, empathy and autism.

Adaptive Systems Research Group,
Department of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire,
College Lane,
Hatfield Herts AL10 9AB,

email: K.Dautenhahn@herts.ac.uk
web: http://homepages.feis.herts.ac.uk/~comqkd

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