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Volume 20, Issue 1: Books received

Books received from 01-Sep-2016 to 31-Jan-2017

Alvarez, R. Michael
Computational Social Science (Analytical Methods for Social Research)
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2016)
ISBN (pb) 9781107518414 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 22-Nov-2016

Barceló, Juan A. and Castillo, Florencia Del (eds.)
Simulating Prehistoric and Ancient Worlds (Computational Social Sciences)
Berlin: Springer-Verlag (2016)
ISBN (pb) 9783319314815 ISBN (hb) ---
Received 23-Nov-2016

Caiani, Alessandro, Russo, Alberto, Palestrini, Antonio and Gallegati, Mauro (eds.)
Economics with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents: A Practical Guide to Agent-Based Modeling (New Economic Windows)
Berlin: Springer-Verlag (2016)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 9783319440569
Received 22-Nov-2016

Room, Graham
Agile Actors on Complex Terrains: Transformative Realism and Public Policy (Complexity in Social Science)
London: Routledge (2016)
ISBN (pb) --- ISBN (hb) 9781138959217
Received 22-Nov-2016


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