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J. Kasmire

J. Kasmire is currently a PhD Candidate at the Energy & Industry group, Faculty of TPM, TU Delft after obtaining a BSc degree in Linguistics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a n MSc in the Evolution of Language and Cognition from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She now uses the Westland greenhouse horticultural sector in the Netherlands as a test bed to examine the evolution of technologies, including innovation, diffusion and competition, through agent-based models and to investigates the likely effects of proposed policies and regulations on technological development and implementation.

Jaffalaan 5
Postbus 5015
2600 GA

Email: j.kasmire@tudelft.nl
Web: http://tbm.tudelft.nl/en/about-faculty/departments/iss-department/ei-section/staff/juliak/julia-kasmire

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Igor Nikolic

An Assistant Professor at the Energy & Industry group, Faculty of TPM, TU Delft, Igor specializes in complex adaptive systems, agent-based modeling and evolutionary theory for industrial ecology and socio-technical systems . He is an active networker and promoter of open source and social software to enable collaborative, multidisciplinary research. Following his MSc (hons.) in chemical- and bio-process engineering from TU Delft, he worked on life cycle and material/substance flow analysis at University of Leiden, Institute for Environmental Science (CML). Igor then received his PhD thesis for his co-evolutionary method for constructing agent-based models of Large Scale Socio-Technical systems evolution.

Section Energy & Industry
Faculty of Technology
Policy and Management
Delft University of Technology

Email: i.nikolic@tudelft.nl
Web: http://www.igornikolic.com

Gerard Dijkema

Gerard P.J. Dijkema is Associate Professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology. Gerard graduated as a Chemical Engineer (hons.) from Twente University of Technology (Enschede, The Netherlands) in 1986 and holds a Ph.D from Delft University of Technology. Expertise and focus: energy systems, Industrial Ecology and modelling My interest and motivation is in system innovation for sustainability.

Jaffalaan 5
2628 BX

Email: g.p.j.dijkema@tudelft.nl
Web: http://www.nextgenerationinfrastructures.eu/index.php?pageID=20&itemID=430782


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