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Olivier Barreteau

Dr Olivier Barreteau graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 (school training top level French officials), IGREF (Water and Forest Engineer). In 1998, he defended his PhD in Water Sciences "Use of multi-agent systems to explore viability of irrigated systems: dynamics of interactions and organisation modes". He is in charge of research and practical application on negotiation support tools for water management along watersheds. His main interests deal with methodology of use of Agent Based Modelling and Role Playing Games as discussion support tools for collective decision processes for renewable resources management issues. He is a member of the ComMod group (http://www.commod.org)

361 rue J.-F. Breton
BP 5095

Email: olivier.barreteau@cemagref.fr

Christophe Le Page

Dr Christophe Le Page is a modelling scientist from CIRAD, working in Montpellier (France). He is a member of the Green Research Unit, which is promoting a companion modelling approach (http://www.commod.org) for natural resources management. With a background in fish population dynamics, he has progressively specialized in building agent-based models to simulate the interplay between ecological and social dynamics in ecosystems holding renewable resources used or managed by different categories of stakeholders. He is participating in the development of the CORMAS platform (http://cormas.cirad.fr), with a special interest on spatial aspects and computer-assisted role-playing games.

Campus international de Baillarguet
TAC-47 / F
Montpellier Cedex

Email: christophe.le_page@cirad.fr
Web: http://agents.cirad.fr/index.php/christophe.le.page


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