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Cristiano Antonelli

Cristiano Antonelli (1951) holds the chair of Political Economy of the Department of economics Salvatore Cognetti de Martiis of the University of Torino and is a Fellow of the Collegio Carlo Alberto where he guides the BRICK (Bureau of Research on Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge). He is the Managing Editor of Economics of Innovation and New Technology.

Dipartimento Di Economia
Via Po 53

Email: cristiano.antonelli@unito.it

Gianluigi Ferraris

Gianluigi Ferraris graduated in economics and has a PhD in culture and enterprise. Currently he does research in economic and social sciences based upon agent-based simulations and artificial intelligence. He has been involved in enterprise simulations to optimize planning through genetic algorithms. His latest works have been focused on the influence of different stock market regulations in determining both prices and traded quantities.

Collegio carlo Alberto

Email: ferraris@econ.unito.it


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